Yes we are free – here’s why

Many of the big voucher sites charge whopping commissions, often around the 50% mark, sometimes even higher.

By keeping the Freevow service free, businesses can give us great deals without having to worry about large commission payments.

Our strategy works, we already have some deals better than our major rivals and we have only just got started!

If it’s free, how do you make money?

Our primary goal at the moment is making Freevow the number 1 voucher site in the UK, we have lots of ideas on how to make money from Freevow, but we aren’t focusing too heavily on them at the moment. Right now, the priority is to get lots of great deals.

In time we will make money by selling ad space in premium locations and by offering featured listings. We may also get some paid exclusivity deals with major businesses.

Once we become the number one place for businesses to promote their discounts, we will have plenty of money making opportunities at our fingertips, but right now it isn’t a high priority.

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